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Our videos cover money, pop culture, and the gender money gap. What's not to love?

Money Saving Tips: How to Waste Less Money + Increase Savings!

Americans throw out a lot of things we've spent money on. Here's 3 tips to reduce your waste and increase your savings.

Child Free By Choice - The Economics of Being Childfree

I'm not having kids. Here's what that means for my money; plus we take a look at the history of women's money in the US.

What IS Crypto + How Does it Work?

Learn how it works, what the blockchain in and if crypot is low key killing the planet.

How to BUY Crypto

Ready to start investing in crypto? Here is your 4 step plan.

Starting a $100k Business

See exactly how I earned my first $100,000 at Bravely.

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