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Three Personal Finances Articles From Women This Week

Starting this week, each Friday we are partnering with Women Who Money to share with you three personal finance articles written by women each Friday! GET PUMPED.

Each week, women everywhere take to their keyboards to drop financial knowledge bombs on the internet. Here at Bravely, we want to showcase and speak to a range of financial experiences, so sharing these stories is a great way to widen the scope of our world.

We hope that you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and actionable tools from these articles.

Personal Finance Articles From Women This Week

The Consequences of Avoiding Confrontation, by ATGFinancials.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever describe yourself as a ‘people pleaser’, or as ‘conflict averse.’ (I personally can’t relate, as I genuinely love arguing.) But so many people, especially women, avoid any type of conflict and it can come back to bite you in the butt. I love this article because it explores both the personal and professional consequences of avoiding confrontation.

Are You Willing to Move Back In With Your Parents to Save Money?, by Untemplater.

My first year out of college I moved back home. No shame! It allowed me to save $8,000 to move to Austin. I love that this article has a list of things to discuss with your parents or in-laws before you make this decision. This is a great read for anyone considering this move to help them save more money.

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Company’s Stock, by MyVoleo

Investing is something we can all stand to know more about. This article is a great introduction to familiarizing yourself with a company and it’s financials before you sink any money into it.

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