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Three Personal Finances Articles By Women This Week

Happy Friday! I hope you have wonderful and fun plans for your weekend. I myself am back on the road and have spent a few days with fave babe, Cait Flanders in good old Canada. It’s so beautiful here and so much better than Texas, YES I SAID IT. Texas is 10000 degrees right now, and I literally wore a jacket while in Canada.

This week’s posts come from some other babes and I am excited for you to read them. So grab a cold drink, curl up on your favorite piece of furniture, and dive into today’s reads!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

There’s Nothing New Under The Sun, by Ms. Fiology

The general gist of most personal finance is to spend less than you earn and work towards saving and investing. Of course there are challenges for each person, but fundamentally, that’s the financial game plan. Ms. Fiology breaks down how nothing we do is really *new*, but how we approach things can help us change our lives.

I Don’t Live a Fabulous Life; I Just Create Fabulous Moments, by BeThree

BeThree is dropping some truth bombs about happiness and life in this piece. As someone who deals with anxiety and also has a pretty good life, I loved that she opened up about both the good and the bad in her own life.

When You Can’t Do A Lot, Do A Little, by Penny

This post is my jam. I want to get ‘small things become big things’ tattooed on my forehead. Penny shares how she has had a hard time accepting that small progress is still progress. Read this and then transfer $5 to your savings account.


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