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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

I’m traveling this week, and it has been a much needed change of scenery. It’s been hot AF in Texas already this summer, and the heat is just beginning! Today I hope you’re sitting somewhere cool and comfortable when you read this week’s personal finance articles by women.

Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

The Thousands I’ve Paid Due to The ‘Knowledge Tax’ –Personal Finance Is Not Common Sense via Birds of a Fire

I loved this read from Olivia because I believe it’s true: personal finance is not common sense. Without someone to teach you the in’s and out’s of money, you can lose time and money to ignorance. It’s not always people choosing to make bad financial decisions or to take risks with their money. Most of the time, people simply don’t have the knowledge they need to make the best financial decision. This gap is why Bravely exists!

Getting on The Same Page About Money via Raising Savers

Talking about money with your partner is a crucial relationship step, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Sharing your numbers- be they debt, salary or financial goals- is a vulnerable thing to do, even with the one you love. This story takes you behind the scenes of how one couple did it and how they stay on the same page now.

Appreciating The Value of Your Attention (And How to Reclaim It) via Femme Cents

Yes to all of this! While I’m out of my usual schedule and traveling, I’ve been noticing how my attention span is different. My usual distractions aren’t around and my mornings have been much more productive and focused. out attention is like our time; where we spend it is how we spend our lives. I loved reading the tips Cody has for taking back her time.

Hope everyone has a restorative weekend!

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