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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to another Friday! August is quickly coming to a close, schools are headed back to session, and people everywhere are heralding the coming of the pumpkin spice season.

We of course, are talking about money over here! This week’s posts are taking on minimalism, weight loss and debt pay off, and some basic money rules that help us all manage it better.

And just a reminder from me that our September 5th event will be in Portland ,OR, and we only have 10 tickets left! I’m so excited to be bringing Bravely to the west coast, so please join us if you are in the area!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women

What I Know to be True: Eight Simple Lessons About Money Management, by Valerie Clark

Valerie shares some classic money truths in her post this week. The sneaky thing about money is that to be ‘good’ at it, all it takes is learning a few big rules and staying consistent to them, as long as life doesn’t throw you too many curveballs. There are always circumstances that we’re born into that will color our financial experiences, but as Valerie points out, what we do on our own doesn’t have to be all that complicated.

Losing Weight and Paying Off Debt: 3 Similarities, by Millennial Money Struggles

Losing weight and paying off debt really do have a lot in common. MMS shares the similarities her weight loss and debt payoff journey have had with us in this to the point article.

Minimalism Is Not a Virtue, by Champaign and Capital Gains

As someone who leans more towards minimalism than maximalism, I actually loved this piece. Because she is right- minimalism is not a virtue. And to be a minimalist is a huge privilege. If you want less stuff, awesome. If you don’t, or can’t afford to get rid of stuff, also awesome! We shouldn’t be shaming people for not living in a whitewashed home with two forks if that’s not realistic for them.


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