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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to the end of another week. Here’s to soaking up our remaining August summer days, and to getting those last days at the beach before school begins or we head into fall with our heads down in our work.

Bravely is hosting an event at the end of August. If you’re in Austin, join us for ‘Affording a Life You Love + Shop Our Closet’ on August 28th at Native Hostels! We’ll be talking about how we can spend our money according to our values without going broke, there will be pop up vendors, and a chance for everyone to leave with new-to-them-clothes!

We’ll also be in Portland, OR, on September 5th, for ‘Brave Conversations: How to Invest In Yourself’. This is our first event outside Texas, and we’ll be covering all things INVESTING. Please join us or help spread the word if you’re Portland based!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

The Benefits of Owning a Smaller House, by Inspired Budget

Raise your hand if you follow tiny home dwellers on Instagram. There’s an allure to smaller spaces, especially as housing prices seem to just keep going up and up. Allison points out some of the many benefits to owning less space in this sweet ode to smaller houses.

30 Tiny Specific Habits That Make Me Calmer and Happier, by The Give and Get

As someone who deals with anxiety of my own, I appreciated this list of 30 things that Lisa does to make herself calmer and happier. I also appreciate that they are all small things! When someone suggests heading to an island to escape the blues, that’s not always feasible. Lisa’s list includes things like reading, carrying red lipstick (because red makes us happier), and taking the stairs for en endorphins kick. These are all totally doable for most of us.

Science Confirms Why A Low Information Diet is Bad For You, by Our Next Life

If you’ve read any of the many ‘lifestyle design’ or ‘productivity focused’ books on business that have been popular in the last 5 or so years, you’ve probably heard at least one author talk about the ‘low information diet’. Essentially, it’s tuning out the news and the world around you so that you can focus on what you’re creating.

I hate this idea, as it’s one that only works for hugely privileged people, and it’s often implemented by people who could benefit from thinking about someone other than themselves. Tanja uses hard science to break down why a low information diet is bad for us all, especially those who are trying to leave the workforce.


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