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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Another week has come to a close. What worked for you this week? What did you crush? I personally had only a semi-productive week, but I’m not stressing over it. It’s summer, life is good, and sometimes you have only semi-productive weeks.

This week, we’ve got three articles that take on our phone addiction, things to look for that tell you if a workplace is good or not, and how to take back some control of your mindless spending.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women

5 Ways to Spot a Bad Workplace During the Hiring Workplace, by IO Advisory

We’re all trained to look at the salary that comes with any job. But there is so much more beyond your paycheck that makes work amazing. This checklist tips you off to some things to keep an eye out for that make up a bad workplace.

Rethink your smartphone addiction by imagining it as a book, by Rosie Leizrowice

This article gives you a simple guideline to follow for using your phone in public. Short, thought provoking, and to the point, I loved this piece!

Saving Money With a Purchase Pause, by Retiring to The Road

This article made me so happy. We are becoming more and more groomed to spend mindlessly every day. Whether it’s on Amazon or on Instagram, spending money has become such a mindless act. This article provides some inspiration and guidance on how to literally hit pause on your spending and hold onto more money.



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