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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Happy end of the week! I am once again on the road for a new trip. Texas gets too damn hot in the summer. it was well over 100 degrees all this week, and I am headed for cooler temps for two weeks.

This week, our top personal finance article picks are taking on our work day system, money in partnerships, and exactly how talking about money helps everyone. I enjoyed each read a lot, and I hope you do too.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

The 8 Hour Workday isn’t Working…and Ideas for Change, by The Financial Graduate

I’ve seen a few articles in larger publications take on this topic, so I am thrilled to hear from a mother and pf blogger about it. Many of our current work set ups are decades, or centuries old. The 8 hour work day was established in the 1800’s! I love when people talk about changing systems to fit our new workplace, so this piece was great. Her suggestions on where and how to create change at home and in work for a truly productive day- not just 8 hours- are spot on.

Money Talk is Too Taboo, by The 76k Project

YES! You know I love talking about money, but this is a great read on why it’s so important. It helps break down class and social barriers. It helps people earn more. It helps provide clarity on useless terms like ‘middle class’. I loved this piece!

Is Your Spouse Really ‘Disinterested’ In Finances?, by Leigh PF

Such. A . Good. Read! If someone does something differently than you, it doesn’t mean they’re disinterested. It just means they’re different. Leigh is the money geek in her marriage, but that didn’t mean her husband was totally checked out. He just did money differently than her. Leigh gives us a peak into how she and her husband handled their money when they were single, and how they have worked together to find a new joint system that works for their married life.

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