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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Hello Friday! It’s been a busy, busy week here at the Bravely headquarters. I’m not much one for a TGIF feel, but today I’m all in. This week’s reads are so great, spanning career advice to being a better you, to transportation drama. Grab your last weekday cup of coffee and give these babies a read!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Career Advice I Wish I’d Gotten in My Twenties, by Good Life Better 

About a year ago, a freelancer that I admire very much gave me the advice ‘If you take work, it should be at least two of these three things: good people, good work, good money.’ That was a defining piece of advice for me. This article is filled with similar gems.

Better Yourself Tax, by Tis But a Moment

This piece is my everything. I have been making some changes in my personal life recently in pursuit of a better life. (Namely, working out more and watching less tv.) I love the idea of doing things that serve you. Sometimes that is chilling in front of the tv. But sometimes that’s cleaning your room, or calling to negotiate a bill.

How I Was Almost Manipulated Into Buying a New Car, by My Life I Guess

As someone who routinely ignores her car, I read this piece with baited breath. It was a good touchstone to remember that learning about how cars work is always a good idea. You don’t want to get taken advantage of or manipulated by anyone.

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