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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to another hot summer week! Is winter a real thing? Are we living on the surface of the sun? All good questions to be answered when I’m not so hot.

This week we have three wonderful articles that explore how to negotiate, money besties, and trip souvenirs. All good summer topics in my mind! Summer has a slow vibe to it, but you can use that slow down to pay attention to the other areas of your financial life. Like talking to friends about money or beginning to think of what you want out of your work life.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Why We Make a Photobook For Every Adventure by Living Life, Loving Us

As someone who loves travel and adventures, I love that this couple makes a tangible photobook for each of their adventures. They point out that it’s easy to forget what you did as time passes, and having a physical object full of memories is enjoyable to go back to. I also love their plan to pass on the books as family heirlooms and a piece in your house that you can use to connect with people over.

How to Negotiate When You’re a Wuss by Simplistic Steph 

This post was SO GOOD. Steph lists out some expenses she’s incurred because of a fear of confronting them. I have no problem with confrontation, but when you do, it can mean that you lose literal dollars to that fear. Steph breaks down how people who are afraid of hearing no or afraid to impose their desires on someone else can negotiate for themselves.

Why You Need a Money Bestie Like Right Now by Sarah Li Cain

Sarah spells out why having a friend that you can speak to openly and honestly about money is a must have. From the why’s of having a money bestie (like accountability and support) to how to find one, this post is a great read.


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