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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Happy Friday! I’ve been traveling for several weeks now, and it has been a lovely and much needed trip. I’m lucky to be able to take most of my work with me when I travel. I also have put a lot of my travel plans on hold for the last several years while I paid off debt and built up my savings. This month and a half long trip I’m currently on is a long awaited gift to myself.

If you’re interested in travels of your own, you’re in luck. This week’s personal finance articles by women all focus on travel. The cost of it, what it’s like to travel alone, how to not worry about money while traveling. It’s all good stuff!

Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Diving With Octogenarians and Not Worrying (So Much) About Money, by Fetching Financial Freedom

Felicity, her husband, her 80 year old grandparents and two of their friends spent 10 days in the Cayman Islands recently and what a trip they had. Felicity breaks down the exact costs of this trip for readers (which isn’t nothing), but explains why it mattered to her, the experience she had on the trip, and how she felt about the financials of it all.

Important Lessons From a Woman Solo Traveler, by Sage Fitzpatrick

I love traveling alone. I’m doing it right now! It is so different from any other type of travel, and it come with a different type of mindset. Sage describes a few of the lessons she’s learned traveling by herself.

The Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Traveling the World, by The Notorious D.E.B.T

Lindsay amassed a blog post that breaks down the cost of traveling to different countries all over the world by scouring other travel bloggers financial break downs. Then she put all their costs into one blog post for you! This post gives you a rough estimate of what it will cost you per day in tons of countries, based on other people’s experiences. I recommend scrolling through if you’re planning a trip!


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