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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to another Friday! What a productive and draining week for the Bravely team. What were y’all working on?

This week’s articles are another great batch. (They’re always great, let’s be real.) Each one reminded me about why I’m so passionate about money! It’s wonderful to be part of a community of like minded people, and I hope each week these posts make you feel at home too. 

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

9 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Finances, by Faithful Budgeting

This is a list of solid, no nonsense financial advice. All the things listed here are good for your money, and even if you only can do some of them on the list, you’ll be in good shape. I love pointed financial advice, and this is it!

Personal Finance Articles By Women – Start With Why, by Elementum Money

You’ve heard it before; knowing your WHY for anything helps you achieve it and derive more pleasure from it. This piece does a pretty deep dive into asking why for many areas of your life; why am I eating this? Why am I buying this? Also, why am I working towards this? I like the wide angle perspective on this one. 

How To Stick to A Budget, by Financial Freedom Crew

This was a GREAT read! So in depth about so many parts of budgeting that don’t get enough air time, in my humble opinion. I loved the parts about how getting to know your future self and setting exciting goals will help your your monthly budgeting practice. 

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