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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

I’ve been reflecting deeply these last two weeks, and trying to figure out what direction Bravely and I need to go in next. It’s a lot of time in my own head, so to compensate I’ve been spending a lot of time outside. Being physically outside or around people while I ask myself deeply personal questions has been great- instead of feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I feel reassured that everyone is figuring out their own thing. In many ways, we are all in this together and that thought calms me down when I’m ready to dive into a pool of anxiety.

The stories for this week are all along the same lines. People are reflecting and changing, and they’re writing about it!

Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Some Thoughts on Seasonal Living and Creativity via Jessica Rose Williams

Jessica reflects on working in seasons, which I love. She also speaks to something that I’ve been feeling lately- endless growth is not sustainable and not the way she wants to live. Growth just for growth’s sake is a mindset that runs rampant in the US and it drives me nuts. I like that Jessica is stepping back and learning to listen to a more natural rhythm for her work.

I’m Tracking My Net Worth Again via Amanda Page

For those that don’t know Amanda, she is in her early 40’s, crushed $48,000 in student loan debt in 14 months in 2015, and lives on a single person’s income. She is a great example of someone who is continually learning and pushing themselves, but who does so in her own way. Amanda was a big inspiration to me when she was paying off her debt, and she recently stepped back from her personal finance writing to focus on other things.

Her journey from not tracking her net worth because of the stress and negative emotions around it, to beginning to track it again now from a place of gratitude and new goals is wonderful to read about.

6 Style Tips to Improve Your Body Confidence and Save You Money via The Money Panel

This post is practical and actionable, and also deeply personal. If you need help decluttering both your style and your closet, this will help you out. It’s also a good chance to reflect on how and why we’re buying things.

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