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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to another Friday! I hope you had a great week, and are anticipating an even better weekend.

This week we here at Bravely were deep into prep work for the upcoming month. In December, we like to take some time off, and that means prepping things ahead of time. Hop on over to our Instagram to hear all our plans for the rest of the year!

We’ve also got three articles personal finance articles by women this week that are centered on gratitude and looking beyond money. I was really moved by all three articles this week. Our writers took on why money is so much more than money.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women

Why Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Happier Than Being Rich, by Femme Cents – Personal Finance Articles

This was a powerful read and I enjoyed it deeply. Gratitude is hard to come by today, in our world that always wants you to compare yourself via social media numbers, or to buy a new product to fix your skin/clothes/business/body. I appreciated the big and small picture take this article went for, as well as the list of ways gratitude can make you happier.

Is It Greedy To Want More Money?, by Budget Like a Lady

I loved this piece. Another thoughtful take on a topic that often is lost in the personal finance conversation. I don’t believe there’s any shame in wanting or making more money- money is power and a very useful tool in changing the world. But are you giving back as you gain? Are you using the money in a way that feels and is good for the world? This piece asks you to examine your growing wealth, and I am here for it.

Why Money is Always More Than a Math Problem, by Picks Up Pennies

Penny is one of my OG favorites in the personal finance world. She is always thoughtful and nuanced in her financial take. This article handles an issue- that of empathy and stepping outside your own financial experience– very, very well. This issue is often handled poorly in the financial community, so double kudos to Penny here.

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