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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to Friday! Another week has passed, and it’s time for another round up of money articles by women this week.

I was blown away by the articles this week. The thing that the English major in me loves about money, is that money is so rarely about MONEY. It’s not usually about the numbers on the screen or the paper in your hand. It’s about the feelings, the abilities, and the circumstances around it. Debt can come with a financial burden, but sometimes what’s hardest about it is the emotional burden, right? 

This week we have amazing pieces that dig into the circumstances that surround our money. There’s a lot of nuance and heart in these pieces, as well as a lot of good money talk. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Are You Poor or Just Broke?, by His and Her FI

This was such a good read! My friend Bethany takes a nuanced, thoughtful approach to a subject many others have, quite frankly, butchered. There is a huge difference between broke and poor, and it is a SYSTEMIC one. Bethany talks about her own broke experiences growing up, and the larger structures of the world we all live in.

This line alone “If you are thinking the solution to poverty is to work harder, get up earlier or find a new job- think again.  Most individuals who are poor have multiple jobs and juggle some of the most laborious jobs out there.” made my sole ascend into heaven.

Why I Wanted to Be Poor; Debunking The Scarcity Mindset, by The Fioneers

I loved this article. So many people in the personal finance space dismiss privilege and its effects on our money. Jessica doesn’t do that- this post is an in depth dive into how privilege shaped her way in the world, including her mindset. Jessica writers openly and honestly about changing her mindset to allow herself to become more comfortable with money, so that in FI she can help make the world more equal.

How to Create Mindful Money Mindsets When Life is Throwing You Lemons, by The Classy Simple Life

It’s good this article is in the round up with the other two this week, because it helps show both sides of the coin. We are living in broken systems, that’s for sure. But we do also have some control over our lives and actions in many ways. Of course, the more privilege we have, the more control we have.

Michelle talks about losing her job while she had debt, and how focusing on the positives in her life at that tough time made things easier. I agree, as someone who once had a mountain of debt and a tiny income. Focusing on what you CAN do is hugely helpful- as long as we don’t blame people for not being able to rise above historical trauma or layers and layers of disadvantages.

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