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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

The weather has finally cooled off a little here in Austin, and I am grateful. It’s hard to have eight months of summer y’all!

This week we’re talking about budget styles, acing an interview, and taking back your life from judgement.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

9 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For, by The Lifestyle Files 

I loved the take in this piece. I do think we live in a world that conditions us to ask for other people’s input and thus approval– even if deep down we don’t even want it. There is a ‘traditional’ way of doing things, and when we fall outside of those lines people can get judgey very quickly. I loved this piece as a reminder that you only need your own approval for your life choices.

Why I Loathe Percentage Based Budgets, by Satisfied Spending

As someone who doesn’t think percentage based budgets are a good idea, this post made my heart happy. Percentage based budgets might be a good way for someone brand new to money management to start, because it gives you a foothold. But this piece shows how they aren’t always as flexible as we may need them to be. And I’ll leave you with just one word: CHILDCARE.

16 Crucial Tips You Need to Crush That Job Interview, by Lily from The Rich Miser

If you’re looking for a job, this piece has some helpful interview tactics. From looking good to certain things to read beforehand, Lily covers how to prep for an interview pretty in depth!


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