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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

With only a few more days left in September, I find myself asking ‘where does the time go???’ I feel like an old lady saying that, but it really does feel like the month just started.

This week we’ve got three more wonderful money articles for you to read by women! This week we explore retirement savings, making more money at work, and how to find meaningful work to do. There’s lots of good and tangible advice in this week’s round up. I love when people write with action in mind, so that readers can walk away with a to do list of their own!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Find the Career You Love Now, by Trim Your Money Fat

What I liked most about this article is this line ” Just doing what you love is not enough to create a career that you love.” I do feel like today you hear ‘just do what you love and the money/happiness/peace will follow’, and I disagree with that. This piece was a good read on how to explore passions and break down what you love into a real career. There is actionable advice here, as well as some #realtalks, and you know I love both those things!

Earn More Money At Your Job, by The Money Habit

Something that I’m frustrated with in the personal finance community right now is the ‘quit your job and start blogging!’ posts. They are everywhere all the time, and they apply to a tiny portion of people. Most people would be better off taking this advice; getting the most they can out of their current job. Being strategic about your career can bring you a lot of money as well as personal satisfaction. I found this to be a compelling and helpful read, even though I don’t work for a larger company.

Tapping Retirement Accounts Early is a Dangerous Trend Among Young Savers, by Don’t Mess With Taxes

As a young person who is obsessed with retirement, the thought of people taking money out early gives me major stress feels. One study said 59% of young investors have taken money out of their retirement accounts. Don’t do it! You’re only hurting your future self. I get it, shit happens, but truly, try and avoid it. This piece does a nice job of explaining why retirement savings matter and why people are tapping them a little too early.


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