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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to Friday! I love the end of the week, even though for me Friday’s are pretty meaningless. I work on the weekends regularly, but Friday is still kind of a pick me up. It’s the coolest day of the week, amirite?

Anyway, enough about my strange relationship to Friday. This week we’ve got some really strong pieces. I loved reading each one because of the nuance and the inspiration in each one. So read on and let me know which ones you liked best!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

The Side Hustle Hunt: Why None of Them Work…Yet by His and Her FI

This is a super strong piece of personal finance writing. I love that this post asks about the ethics of side hustles. The personal finance world is, in my opinion, at times unethical in the pursuit of money. People will promote all kinds of shit if they’re paid to do it, and they often suggest shopping from companies with terrible worker rights. Bethany explores practical concerns with some side hustles too, which a lot of other bloggers leave out. What if your supply for sales dries up? What if that survey company doesn’t actually want your opinion?

5 Inspiring Women in Finance, by Smile and Conquer

This post was dope as hell. I learned so much about women in the larger world of finance! Did you know a woman runs the NASDAQ? Major kudos to all the women on the list here!


How Much Should You Be Saving? It Depends on What You’re Saving For, by Good Life Better

I like that Jenny digs into the details of her long term goals, and what kind of life she wants for herself in the future AND right now. Her blog is named ‘good life. better,’ and she is invested in maintaining her current good life, while also working towards a distinctly better one. A good read for anyone who needs help visualizing what their goals are really about!


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