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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Happy Friday! And what a Friday it is this week. Bravely has been nominated for Best Finance Blog for Women. And my podcast, The Fairer Cents, has been nominated for three awards; Best New Podcast, Podcast of The Year, and Best Multi-Host podcast.

Today, we’ve got three articles by women (#bestfinanceblogforwomen y’all) that take on finding a passion, unlearning lessons, and releasing what no longer serves us.

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women

How to Know When It’s Time to Give Up, by Lemon Blessings

I loved this post! As Sarah notes, we are trained to believe that giving up is one of the worst things we can do in the US. We are supposed to suck it up, even when ‘it’ is killing us, or clearly not working in some way. This post gives us permission to leave things that don’t work in our lives and I salute Sarah for writing it.

5 Sings You Need a Passion Project, by Mama Fish Saves

Passion! A word that gets thrown around a lot these days. For me, feeling passionate is feeling excited and ready to take something on. This post defines it the same way, and encourages people to find something they enjoy passionately. It doesn’t need to bring you money (though it can), but I firmly believe having passion in your life makes your life better.

How to Unlearn Everything, by Sisters for FI

I am by no means a follower of the Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins school of thought. But I do believe that you can create change in your own life. And that’s what the sisters talk about here. It’s not easy to create change or to unlearn things you’ve been taught for years. But it is possible!

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