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Three Personal Finance Articles By Women This Week

Welcome to Friday! Another week, another chance to learn more about money. This week we have some really powerful writing. All three of the pieces come from women who are not just talking about the dollars and cents of financial literacy, but the personal side of things.

How is our money affected when our lives change? When our identities shift? When we open up a new part of our lives, or close an old one? This week, our features take on these exact questions!

Three Personal Finance Articles By Women

What My Breakup Cost, by ZJ Thorne

ZJ has written a piece that is raw in more than one way. She shares the very powerful emotions that her breakup put her through, and she shares the real numbers of it. Breakups are tough on the heart, and they can be tough on the wallet as well. This piece is a great look at some of the material and immaterial expenses that come with a breakup, and a transparent look at the emotions of it as well.

One Surprising Secret to Financial Freedom, by Greatest Worth

What I liked about this piece was actually that it focused on the people side of money, more than the numbers side of money. Our lives and personalities are so caught up in our treatment of money, and this is a good exploration of one of the biggest components in our money.

Mom Isn’t My Identity, by Mixed Up Money

I love Alyssa anyway, but this piece is spot on. It is very easy to erase a woman’s identity once she becomes a parent and boil her down to one word: Mom. Alyssa isn’t here for that. Plus she has practical advice for the other moms that want to defend their personalities from getting swallowed up in motherhood.


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