things I refuse to spend money on

Things I Refuse to Spend Money on in 2023

The average person in a rich country, like the U.S., consumes environmentally speaking, 13x as much as a person in a poor nation. At the same time, we throw away enough garbage per year to circle the entire planet 12 times. Mind blown.

These nauseating statistics are always at the top of my mind as a money coach. My job is to help people rearrange their spending, so they can hit their saving, investing, and financial freedom goals.

Things I refuse to spend money on in 2023.

Now, I don’t think we should demonize small purchases that bring you joy. By all means, enjoy your coffee! Just remember to bring your reusable cup!

But the bigger question is…

Why do we create social standards that require us to spend money?

We use spending as a weird form of social control in our society. So this year, I’m choosing not to buy certain things in an effort to unplug myself from the capitalist matrix we live in.

Check out the video below for exactly what I refuse to spend money on in 2023.

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