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The One Adulting Move You Haven’t Made Yet (And How To Do It)

Sometimes it feels like being an adult is roughly 10% Netflix, 30% staring at a computer, 10% adventures in the kitchen and 50% having no idea how to do stuff the first time you hear of it.

When I first moved out on my own, I had no idea how to do literally anything. My first apartment was unfurnished. When I found a couch on Craigslist I wanted, it wasn’t until a friend asked me how I was going to move it that I realized I had no way of getting it into my house. I needed a truck- no one would provide one for me. Where could I find a truck? How could I drive something that big? (Pro-tip, you can rent trucks at Home Depot and they drive just like a car!)

As I’ve aged (like a fine wine) and figured out how to do things, I’ve realized that there is always a new adult move to be made. When I was 25, it was learning what an IRA was and opening one. When I was 28, it was forming an LLC for Bravely.

Today I feel pretty grown up and pulled together. Yet, a few months ago on Twitter I realized there was one huge adult move I haven’t made. In fact, I hadn’t ever even thought about it, which was a pretty astonishing thing to realize, considering I spend a lot of my time thinking about Very Adult Things, like retirement savings or how to hire someone to help me here at Bravely.

That thing? The one adulting move I hadn’t made yet? Writing a will.

Why Haven’t I Made a Will?

I love the act of planning. As much a I want to be the free spirit who revels in the unknown, I thrive within structure. Guidelines, deadlines, plans; they all help me create well and on time

And when it comes to my money, I’ve got a pretty good plan in place. I’ve got a budget I love. I know how I’m making money and where to save it. My quarterly taxes are saved for automatically. My retirement accounts are open and funded regularly.

But where will all this money go when I die??? How have I not planned for this yet? It’s so strange to me, because I am in no way put off by the idea of a will. In fact, I think of creating a will as an act of caring for my loved ones. The last thing I want anyone to be doing when they’re grieving is sorting through paperwork and trying to figure out what the hell to do with my vast collection of Oprah memorabilia.

Plus, I love being in control. Especially when it comes to my money. I’m working pretty hard right now to build my assets, and I want them to go somewhere that I truly care about. Not having a plan is not an option for me.

And yet! I don’t have one! And I’m far from alone. 80% of Americans don’t have a will according to Tomorrow Inc. This shouldn’t shock me, but kind of still does. I believe I need a will, but the actual act of making one has stayed out of reach. 

I know that for younger folks and Millennials, it just seems kind of unnecessary to have a will. It’s like,“what do I even have to leave to someone, my $50,000 in student loan debt and my iPhone 5?” When you feel consumed by debt and or are low income, plans for the future are low priority. When you finally have something of your own, you think, that’s when you’ll get it together. 

Plus, as another fun road block to this whole thing, traditionally you write a will with the help of an attorney. Lawyers can cost a lot of money (they’re trying to pay back THEIR student loan debt.) People think ‘why should I pay a lawyer hundreds or thousands of dollars to write down how much I don’t have in assets?’

Why You And I Both Need A Will

Even if all you’ve got to your name is a boatload of student loan debt and a toothpick, you still need a will. Remember, a will is essentially just a plan for you, your money and your loved ones.

You love your family: Wills are a way of saying I love you. I really believe that! Having a will set up is doing your family a favor and saying ‘I want things to be as smooth as possible for you in the future.’ A will can help secure your child’s future and be a huge help to your partner.

You have a dependent (yes, including a pet): Where will Willy the dog go? Who is the guardian of your child? Without a will, these decisions are left to courts, and ain’t nobody want a Trump appointed judge telling them where their pup ends up.

You probably do have some assets: Maybe you don’t have a million dollars in the bank, but you do have a full emergency fund and a 2010 Prius. What’s the plan for that stuff?

How to get a Will

Since we are living in the digital age, we are fortunate to have an option outside of that pricey attorney for our will creation. In fact, because tech companies have literally made apps for everything, there is an app for making a will. 

Tomorrow is that exact app, and you can download it to your phone or access it online. Tomorrow is FREE to download and it’s FREE to make your will. That’s right, FREE. You know I love that aspect, because it makes creating a will accessible to everyone who can get on the internet. Tomorrow is committed to working with all people, not just the millionaires among us. 

Plus, you can create so many important documents so easily. I’m talking last will & testament, and revocable living trust. I’m talking guardianship for children and or pets. With one app you can knock out some of the most important documents you’ll ever make. That’s efficient as well as badass.

The truth of the matter is that you need a will. I need a will. We all needs wills! Just like we all need a budget. (grab our $20 budget workbook here!) It’s a part of adult life, and having one will make your life easier.

Do you have a will? If you do have one, how did you set it up?

This post was sponsored by Tomorrow Inc. As always, thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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