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The 2021 Financial Feminist Summit Recap

“We win together.”

That was the overall message I wanted to convey at the Financial Feminist Summit. Because being a financial feminist means working together, to change the landscape for all women and non binary folks out there.

That’s why each summer, we host the Financial Feminist summit.

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financial feminist summit

Financial Feminist Summit Recap

Wait, What is A Financial Feminist?

We believe in financial feminism in our bones here at Bravely, and we’ve talked before about why we should all be financial feminists.

But if the phrase is making you feel some type of way, here’s how we break it down: anyone who believes in financial equity for everyone.

Why host a whole summit around financial feminism?

Because the world needs it.

The daily barrage of sexism and misogyny levied at non dudes is non stop. The persistent beliefs that women are either 1) bad with money 2) shouldn’t be earning money or 3) can earn money but not build wealth are everywhere.

It’s the fact that every single year we have “equal pay day” anniversaries that mark how long women need to work into the next year to earn as much as a white dude that are widely acknowledged by companies and individuals, yet each year the day continues to come around.

It’s the fact that the majority of minimum wage workers are women.

The barriers to non dudes earning, saving, and growing wealth are EVERYWHERE.

The Financial Feminist Summit is a chance to bring together diverse speakers from different racial, geographical, social, and familial backgrounds to highlight how varied and nuanced being a non dude is. It’s a chance to shine a light brightly on issues that non dudes face every day.

We host it because the world needs it.

What happened at the 2021 financial feminist summit?

For the last two years we’ve hosted The Financial Feminist Summit, a two day, totally online and 100% free event that features all non dude speakers and brings actionable financial advice right to your inbox. (You can purchase the replay of all 10 sessions and the transcripts right here!)

I love doing this event. It’s a lot of work; like a lot. I have to coordinate with my speakers, my sponsors, my attendees. I have to create all the social media promotional images. Also, I have to create the ticket page and make sure all the links lead *exactly*where they are supposed to.

Have you ever gotten the same email 300 times from confused attendees? It’s terrible…0/10 would not recommend.

But the extrovert and the community activist, and the rabble rouser, in me loves it. Because the summit is something that I can offer my community in the most accessible, intersectional way.

The Financial Feminist Summit is not a money grab. It’s not a promotional thing. I truly believe that it can help my people.

It’s something that I believe I can offer the movement of feminism.

Something that I think can make the world a little better and a little more equitable.

So what happened at the Financial Feminist Summit?

Bravely brought together 11 different female speakers to create 10 videos covering a different angle of financial education and socioeconomics.

We served over 4,100 attendees.

We hosted live chats with our speakers in our Facebook group.

And the response from attendees has shown the true power that lies in community.

What People GOt out of The Financial feminist Summit

“The entire summit was so helpful and an overall breath of fresh air. I especially appreciated the First-Gen Session; I had never felt so SEEN in my whole life. Also, I had never seen my personal situation represented and discussed with so much love and care. Also, the Singles session was so LEGIT – I had never thought this critically about my status as a single woman.”

“so thankful that all of the speakers had, yes, different topics but also different approaches to similar things! i’m glad that they all seemed to feel comfortable sharing personal anecdotes, and that whatever they were talking about wasn’t just a theory; they had spent a lot of time thinking about these topics because they implemented this in their own life!”

“The speakers I enjoyed the most ended up being the ones that I didn’t know what to expect. Queer Money and 1st Gen Wealth. As a cis white woman they were both topics I wasn’t sure I would get anything from. I went into those thinking okay, broaden my knowledge that will be great, but not really expecting to personally get something out of those talks. They ended up being two of my favs! The conversations were amazing and even though they did not relate directly to me and my experiences it made me think about things differently and want to get involved and do change up some of my systems!!”

Big thank you

To both our sponsors who allowed me to pay all our speakers!

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