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Once your money is set, you can do more important things like run for office or volunteer your time.

These tools help change your money for the better.

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Investing 101

Sustainable Investing

Trying to build wealth, but stressed about how garbage capitalism is?

This course dives deep into sustainable and more ethical investing. How to build wealth without exploiting anyone, how to divest from sh*tty companies, and how to fins both ethical funds and individual companies.
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Roll over your old 401k

Capitalize takes care of the paperwork and the headache for you. Get your retirement all in one place with Capitalize.


Prep for an emergency

Sh*t happens. Use this binder to make a plan in case something incapacitates you. Let your loved ones know where the dog food is, where you keep your valuables, and where to find all your insurance information.

credit card

No Interest Card

This credit card is great for balance transfers when you're trying to pay down debt!

how to get a prenup

Get a Prenup; Protect Your Assets

A prenup is a must have for any marriage. It helps you make a plan for the worst time when you're in the best time.


Get Life Insurance

If you have a partner, a child, or a dependent family member (like a disabled sibling) that relies on your money, you need life insurance.


Build a Tiny House

Create a new source of cash flow or downsize your life into your dream home with this tiny house guide. 


Free Budgeting App

Empower is a FREE to use app that helps you budget and tracks your networth. I use it in addition to a spreadsheet to organize my money.


Create a Will ASAP

Everyone needs a will! Without one your property may end up in the government's hands or go to a family member you don't even like.

credit card

Favorite Cash Back Credit Card

Get cash back on every purchase with this $0 annual fee credit card.

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