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Looking for the right money tool for your specific problem? Here are our recs.

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Investing 101

Talk Money to Me

Know nothing about the stock market?

Afraid of losing money on a "bad" stock?

Our signature investing course eliminates the stress and fear of investing and helps you get started investing ASAP.

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Roll over your old 401k

Capitalize takes care of the paperwork and the headache for you. Get your retirement all in one place with Capitalize.


Prep for an emergency

Sh*t happens. Use this binder to make a plan in case something incapacitates you. Let your loved ones know where the dog food is, where you keep your valuables, and where to find all your insurance information.


Buy your first house

Buying a house is...weirdly confusing. This course walks you through everything from saving a down payment, to financing options, to making money off your house.


Open an IRA

Which broker to choose? M1 has an easy to use layout, low fees, and educational materials to help you stack that cash.


Build a Tiny House

Create a new source of cash flow or downsize your life into your dream home with this tiny house guide. 


Create a Course

Got an idea that would make a great course? Use Podia to create, host, and sell your big idea

Bravely Go Purple Studio

We Win Together

Get on the list to get your money right. 

Organize your money.
The system won't dismantle itself.

Get our FREE money checklist so you can get organized, earn more, and tell the patriarchy to get f*cked.

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