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Our Money Checklist

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Money Coaching

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Want to work one on one with Kara to get your finances in the bet shape possible?

Coaching is best for people who want a unique money plan and have specific questions.

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Bravely Values Based Budgeting Workbook

You need to budget. You WANT to budget. But it's

If you work from home, your clothes budget might not need to be as big as someone who works in a fashion office. If you don’t own a home, you don’t need to save for home repairs. The Bravely Values Based Budgeting Workbook walks you through identifying your values, your needs, and how you can best hold yourself accountable.

Included in this is our eight chapter Values Based Budgeting Workbook, Monthly Spending Tracker spreadsheet, and custom Bravely Budget spreadsheet. Using these three tools you can craft a budget specific to your needs, set financial goals and actually achieve them. Snag it here!

Bravely Freebies

Small Business Planner- Want to work for yourself? HELL YEAH! But let's make sure you know WHAT you're going to do and HOW you're going to do it. Our planner helps you take those great ideas and make them into PLANS.

Millennial Money Checklist: Sick of hearing that Millennials are entitled, lazy, and bad with money? Get your money checklist here and show the world you're right on track.

Investing For Financial Freedom: Investing sounds scary, until it isn't. Learn to invest your money, diversify your assets, and start moving towards financial freedom with our workbook.

Money Resources

Books About Money

Pound Foolish - Helaine Olen

Your Money or Your Life- Vicki Robinson and Joe Dominguez

Dear Debt: A Story About Breaking Up With Debt- Melanie Lockert

Know Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You're Worth- Mika Brzezinski

Overcoming Under Earning- Barbara Stanny

Broke Millennial- Erin Lowry

Profit First- Mike Michalowicz

Want to buy a house? 

Let's put together a plan! Click here to find my favorite real estate resources.

Freelance Finance Tools

Freshbooks- Accounting and invoice software for your business! Love this shit people, love this.

ConvertKit- I became a ConvertKit user in 2019 and I LOVE it. It has made email marketing and growing a following so easy.

Siteground- This is the company I use to host this very website! I used Bluehost for 5 years but they were super clunky and eventually I got frustrated enough to make the switch. Siteground is faster and easier to use in my opinion!

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