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Ready for one on one attention? Sick and tired of feeling confused or overwhelmed by your money? Working with Kara means you get personalized financial advice, action-oriented tools, and all the support you need to reach your goals. CLICK HERE to fill out a coaching inquiry form. 

What is Money Coaching About?

At Bravely we don't believe empowering you is enough; we're here to educate you and show you the path you need to walk down to reach your goals.

We believe in frank money talk, detailed money plans, and values based spending habits.

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Kara dedicated time and sincere effort to help me understand my finances, make a money plan for now, and even learn how to plan for the future. Money is hard to figure out and finances are tough to juggle as my run my business and manage my chronic illnesses. Quick advice on the internet never applies to my life or requires too many spoons. Kara was able to take all my frustrations and pair them with solutions. Her time is valuable, but she offers fair rates to serve regular folks like me. Kara is a gem to be treasured and deserves all the flowers."

Who is Money Coaching For?

Our coaching programs are for people who are MOTIVATED to take control of their money, READY to do the work with Kara and by themselves, and are EXCITED by the changes that will happen in their lives.

A Bravely coaching client feels intimidated by money but is ready to say 'BOI BYE' to financial anxiety. They understand that it's time to unlearn their old habits and beliefs, and they are game to face their numbers. They know our system is pretty broken but also understand that they have power in their own lives and that it's time to FLEX that power.

Bravely coaching clients are currently working (whether for themselves or a company) and they have dreams of paying off debt, increasing their income, and living a passion filled life. Coaching clients can make time in their schedule for regular meetings and can follow advice while charting their own path.


Click HERE to fill out the coaching inquiry form!

Coaching Packages

Deep Dive

A two hour personalized budget assessment and financial goal setting session. We'll work together to fix spending leaks, set financial goals, and come up with a plan to get you to success!

After our time together I put together the "Financial To Do List" for you, which covers in depth your financial strategy and next action steps.

Deep dives are BEST FOR: People who already have a handle on their money, but need more specific guidance. You already budget but have a hard time sticking to it, and you want someone to hold you accountable. You have a few highly specific questions and you want to be able to have someone answer them in detail.

Sweet Spot Coaching

This is for you if you need accountability and someone to be there when you want to wander into Target and do a little retail therapy. We'll discover your spending triggers, work to correct them, and get you clear on the things you do really value in life!

After our time together I put together the "Financial To Do List" for you, which covers in depth your financial strategy and next action steps.

This three week package is BEST FOR: People undergoing several changes at once, like starting grad school AND planning a wedding, or landing their first job AND side hustling. You feel overwhelmed by money in several areas of your life and need personalized attention over three weeks to figure out things like how to save AND pay off debt, or get organized AND stick to your budget.

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I really appreciate that Kara accommodated to my crazy schedule for our meeting time. She created a safe space where I felt relaxed, comfortable and eager to talk about my finances. Kara really listened to my concerns, goals, and explanations. During the meeting we talked through everything together and she helped organize and plan for my next steps."

Kara Perez is not a licensed finance professional in any state. Bravely is intended to be an informational resource for readers, and articles or links found here are not intended as legal or licensed professional financial advice. 

Money talks, and we know you've got important things to say. Download our investing worksheet and start build your financial independence plan.

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