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What we Do at Bravely Go: Connecting Women and Money

Bravely was born out of the idea that women are fiercely capable. That given the opportunities and the resources, women can do anything. bravely welcomes all self-identified women all over the world.

Women and Money Have a Problem

The fact of the matter is, women are not given opportunities and resources the same way men are. Money and women- the two are disconnected. This is creating a vicious cycle. Women are told they can’t handle their money, so women are staying away from money.

You can be great with money. It’s time to kick some financial ass. 

Money and women have been kept separate since the formation of the United States. Women couldn’t open credit cards on their own until 1974.

Until 1978, women could be fired for getting pregnant, severing her ability to earn her own income.

Men could legally take out a loan on a jointly-owned property without having to inform their wives until 1981.

Today, almost two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women.

When someone tells you repeatedly that you do not deserve something, and that you are not capable of handling it, you believe it.

Women Have to Clear More Barriers For The Same Prize

Money is a huge barrier to women starting companies. Women aren’t decision makers in existing venture capitalist firms, and women don’t receive much investment funding at all.

Women disproportionally have to bootstrap their own businesses. The wage gap is real, huge, and dependent on your race, and women aren’t thriving in high-income fields like STEM or finance.

How We Help Women and Money Meet

Bravely aims to provide women with personal and business tools so they are equipped to take on the world. It’s not a fair fight, but we can change that.

Bravely will connect women and money via workshops, events, tools, and coaching. Women taking control of their money is part of leveling the playing field.

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