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How to Start a $100k Business By Yourself

If you harbor a dream to start a $100k business, you are in the right place my friend. Especially if you’re a self funded startup, starting your business with money you’ve saved all on your own.

The journey to $100k looks different for everyone. Some people reach $100k in their business really quickly, while it takes year for others.

In my humble opinion, the businesses we choose to build say a lot about ourselves and about what we want to see in the business world. I myself practice my personal values through my business a lot, like fundraising for causes I believe in, and those same values inform the type of work that I do and the tools that I offer.

How to Start a $100k Business

The first thing that I suggest all small business owners do is to write a mission statement for their business.

Your mission statement should include the who, what, when, where and why of your business. Having a passion for business is one thing; getting organized enough to get it off the ground and to $100k in income is quite another.

Who do you serve? What do you do for them? How do you do it and what makes you different from other people?

Your mission statement is a great jumping off point for planning the actual financials of your business.

Organize your business startup funds

When you’re self funded where you put every single dollar matters. You literally do not have any money to waste!

I saved $3,300 total to start Bravely, but actually only spent $1,450 right at the start.

What did that $1,450 go to?

Starting my website- I use WordPress and a hosting service called Siteground

Getting my LLC- Here’s how to decide between an LLC and a Sole prop

Contracts and legal paperwork- I paid for website terms of service, a website privacy policy and a contract that I could use as a freelance writer

Free Stuff You Can do to Start a $100k Business

Of course, I did a ton of free things to grow my business right from the start as well! Funds were in short supply and I wanted to stretch them as far as possible!

We’ve got a FREE small business planner right here which walks you through writing your mission statement, standing out in a crowded field, and setting income goals.

Watch our video below to see the exact amounts of money I spent on our starting costs AND the free things I did to grow my business to over $100,000 in revenue.

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