how couples manage money

How Couples Manage Money

How couples manage money is one of the top two hot-button issues in personal finance. (The other: buy or rent???)

Tweet it, make a TikTok about it, or simply bring the topic up to any money nerd and you are guaranteed to get a passionate take on whether sharing finances leads to disaster, or not sharing finances leads to divorce.

How Couples Manage Money

There is no one set way to manage your money when you’re in a relationship. You can take a peak into how two married couples manage their finances right here if you want a roadmap.

You can combine finances, sharing every asset, bank account, and credit card completely.

You can have one joint account for shared expenses and keep everything else separate.

Or, as my partner and I have chosen to do, you can keep things totally separate.

I firmly believe that it’s about finding the right method for YOU and YOUR relationship. It’s about communicating openly and honestly around money, goals, and desired lifestyles. You don’t have to follow what your parents, pastor, or friends do within their relationships.

Why I’ve Chosen Separate Finances

I’ve been with my partner Tbone for eight years and we don’t share any finances or money. We do share some living expenses, like groceries and rent, because we live together. But we don’t have a joint bank account for those expenses, nor do we have any shared assets like an investing account.

And why is that? I give ALL the details on our financial backgrounds and how we made this decision in our YouTube video!

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