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Creating Generational Wealth as a Childfree Woman

I’m a childfree woman who is creating generational wealth.

*Record scratch* WHAT? If someone is not having kids…they’re not building a new generation…so where is the money going to GO??

Generational wealth is defined as money handed from one generation to the next. Notice that nowhere in that definition does it say from PARENT to CHILD.

Money is often an area of our lives that lacks imagination. I think this is a real bummer since money is so nuanced and personal for all of us. Opening ourselves up to change in our financial lives, or entertaining new possibilities about how we can use our money can yield the most amazing results.

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Already I’ve been able to utilize side hustles to become debt-free by changing my definition of work. And now, I’m changing the definition of generational wealth in order to enact my personal lifestyle values.


Creating Generational Wealth

I’m very much so still in the wealth-building phase. And I’m doing that via entrepreneurship and investing in the stock market.

But once I have my wealth, I won’t be leaving it to any biological children. Instead, I’ll be leaving it to people and causes that I care about.

But If I’m Child Free, Why Create Generational Wealth?

It’s not so much about making sure that my family members have a baller life. Instead, it’s about ensuring that my money goes to the causes that I care deeply about.

For childfree people, leaving your money to institutions and charities is a way of legacy building. Since we have no children to continue our name, we can leave our money to places where it can do work we’ll be proud of. Maybe we even get a building or a grant named after us in the process 🙂

What do you think about creating generational wealth as a childfree person? Are you having kids? Where does your money go?

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