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Looking for the tools you need to get your money right? We got you.


Bravely Values Based Budgeting Workbook

Our best selling workbook to help you finally create a budget you WANT to stick to.

You’ve heard people say ‘You should budget.’ And you WANT to budget! But you have no idea how. Or where to start. Or…what a budget even is.

That’s why we’ve designed the Bravely Values Based Budgeting Workbook. We walk you through not only how to budget, but how to build YOUR best budget.

Please note: this is a downloadable workbook. You’ll be emailed a link to download the workbook and the spreadsheets. 

First Comes Love, Then Comes Money:

Never fight with your boo about money ever again.

couple moneyYou’re in love! You found your person! You’re ready for so many adventures with this person…including financial adventures. Or are you?

Our workbook gives you the tools you need to have the money conversation with your boo. We’ll walk you through exercises you can do alone, do together, and how you can come up with a money management style that is just as cute as your love.

Find it right here!


Talk Money to Me: Investing

Investing is putting your money to work. 

Talk Money to Me is your complete investing education. We walk you through setting your personal investing goals, three investment strategies that the pros use, break down all the retirement accounts available in the USA, and walk you through exactly how to max out your investment accounts.

Learn more about how you can become and investing wizard right here.


Bravely Freelance/Small Business Starter Guide!

You have a brilliant idea for a business, or a burning passion that you want to turn into a business. You’ve started an Instagram and you’ve told your friends…so you’re a business now right?

Not quite.

You’ve got to legally form the business, learn to market yourself, organize your business finances, get an accounting system set up, and find the clients that will work with you. #nbdbutactuallyaHUGEdeal

Our course helps guide you through all those steps with actionable and practical information. This is not a mindset only course. This is not an inspirational only course. This is an educational, hands on course that will give you REAL BUSINESS TALK that helps you make your brilliant idea a reality.

Slide into this course right here! You get a complete breakdown of WHAT you need to do to start your dream business and HOW to do it!

Money Coaching

Work With Kara as YOUR Money Coach

Ready for one on one attention? Sick and tired of feeling confused or overwhelmed by your money? Working with Kara means you get personalized financial advice, action-oriented tools, and all the support you need to reach your goals. CLICK HERE to fill out a coaching inquiry form. 

WHO is Bravely coaching for?

Our coaching programs are for people who are MOTIVATED to take control of their money, READY to do the work with Kara and by themselves, and are EXCITED by the changes that will happen in their lives.

Click here to read more about if money coaching is right for you! 

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