financial literacy course for women

Best Financial Literacy Course For Women

In our digital age, there are a gazillion online financial literacy course offerings for anyone who wants to become better at money. And that’s a good thing for all of us! Becoming more financially literate means less chance of being taken advantage of, less money lost to fees, and more control over your finances.

BUT…how do you know the best financial literacy course for YOU? The thing about personal finance is that it’s PERSONAL. We all bring different goals, backgrounds, incomes, debts, and more to our financial goals.

Here we’ve broken down the best financial literacy course offerings for women at any point in their financial journey!

financial literacy course for women

Best Investing Course- Talk Money to Me

What it is: Talk Money to Me: Investing is our investing course and it is AWESOME. I created this course to cover everything you need to know about investing, and we specifically address the issues that women face in investing.

Why it’s the best: Our course covers things that other investing courses ignore, like ethical investing and how to invest while also doing things like paying off debt or saving. I know that investing is so much more than just numbers; it’s lifestyles, it’s goals, it’s values. We walk you through not only how investing works but also how to build YOUR SPECIFIC investing plan. Where you want investing to take you is different from where I want it to take me; this course helps you build your best investment strategy.

The Cons– The course is designed as investing 101 and 102. If you are already comfortable investing in your retirement account and understand your asset allocation and long term money goals, the course is too basic for you.

Best Emergency Prep Course: The Emergency Binder

What it is: Ok technically The Family Emergency Binder this isn’t a COURSE but more like a workbook. But it’s AMAZING and I think EVERYONE needs it.

Why it’s the best: This is a 16 chapter workbook broken down into 3 modules that organizes your most important information in LIFE. All for the point that if something happens to you, your family will be able to find everything they need to take care of you.

There are sections for insurance: home insurance, health insurance, life insurance. There’s a section on where you keep your valuables (and what they are), and a section on your pet information, so that Tater Tot will get his treats at the right time. There’s even a section devoted to TRADITIONS, so that your family rituals can be preserved for the next generation.

Since women are often caregivers, this is a financial literacy course for women that feels especially important that as many people have as possible. It’s a way to get all the family knowledge out of your head and down for others to use.

This is really for anyone. I’m unmarried and don’t have kids and I have one of these! If you have kids, or dependents in anyway, it is all the more important to have one. I think of it as pre-will.

The Cons: Literally none. At $59 it’s affordable AF. It’s thorough and everyone, whether married or not, a parent or not, could use it.

Best Home Buying Course- HomeSchool

What it is: HomeSchool is a video and audio course you have lifetime access to that also comes with access to a Discord channel and a Facebook group! It was created by two women real estate agents who are also real estate investors.

Why it’s the best: We love to see a course for women BY women! The real estate world is still hugely dominated by men and I loved that this course was created by AND from the perspective of women.

The course is very thorough. It walks you through preparing to buy a house, different options to buy a house, and then gives you insight on how to turn your home into an investment.

Buying a house is often a convoluted process and HomeSchool breaks down the most confusing parts in an easy to digest way.

-different types of home loans and which is best for your goals

-How to turn your home into a cash flowing property

how to buy a home by yourself AND with non romantic partners

-how to determine how much money you need to buy a home

The course is well paced, covers a lot of ground, and is easy to follow. HomeSchool buyers also get a discount on their actual home if they end up buying through the brokerage that created the course, Open House. Which is buts. Like who offers a discount on HOMES???? Open House does!

The Cons: The price. HomeSchool is the most expensive course on our list which will be a barrier for some.

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    Please develop a convo on Homeowners insurance! I was reviewing my policy the other day and think I’m overpaying (maybe big time).

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