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Hey y'all! I'm Kara, the founder of Bravely Go, an award winning international financial education company. 

After graduating in 2011 with $25,302 in debt and no job, I moved to Austin TX and waited tables for 3 years, living on less than $19,000 a year.

In 2014 I earned $16,360

In 2015, I earned $22,916

In 2014 my quarter life crisis made me realize: Holy shit- I need to figure out finances fast. 

After some frantic Googling, I started a blog to chronicle paying off my student loans on my low income.


I paid off my final $18,000 in 10 months, while earning about $22,916 for the year.


I worked five different part time jobs to do so, and lived on less than $1000 a month.


After paying off $30,000 total in student loan debt plus interest, I founded Bravely to be the community that I didn't have: women, talking real numbers, and making big financial changes. 


Bravely helps women build wealth and take financial power. We discuss politics, pop culture, and all things money. 

Financial Expert

Featured on NPR, Marketwatch, Fast Company and the New York Times

Financial Feminist

Equality now.


Read me in MONEY, Forbes, and right here









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Kara is such an approachable, fun person with an easy to follow style of educating on finance. As someone who has trouble managing debt, I feel more confident with what I took away from her presentation to implement into my budget.

Emily, Box Austin

Where I've Spoken

How I Started Bravely (And How Much it Cost)

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1% of patreon revenue is placed into the Bravely Mutual Aid Fund.

This fund exists to go back into the Bravely community or causes chosen by the Bravely community.

In the past Bravely has donated to pay off community members debts, put out Amazon forest fires, and supply period products to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Let's Work Together

We win together. Let's talk about changing your money and the world y'all.

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