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A Money Nerd’s Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season… to SAVE MONEY! I am not a big shopper and never have been but I can honestly say that I love the holiday season sales. Capitalism captures my heart for the final two months of the year and I am FINE with it, because I save money.

The gift of financial literacy is one that never goes out of style. Can we say the same about that chunky sweater you’re eyeing?

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I feel that this time of year, the toys and the clothes and the home decor sales really take center stage, but let’s look past all that ish because there are financial education deals to be had!

Here are some of the BEST deals from some of the BEST financial educators around. We’ve created a money tool gift guide to help no matter where you are with your money. We bring you only the finest in money tools and badass people around here, thanks very much.

A Money Nerd’s Holiday Gift Guide

Bravely Money Tools

Starting off by tooting my own horn? You know it! We’re a small business and we love each and every one of our clients who keep us up and running.

You can get your very own Financial Feminist t shirt right here for 10% off with the code “HOLIDAZE” between November 8th and December 8th.

Our values based budget workbook is also always available (in Spanish tambíen!) for just $22. With 8 chapters that walk you through identifying your spending triggers, money leaks, and how to build a budget you actually like following, it’s one of the best money tools you’ll ever invest in!

A Money Tool Gift Guide By Women

In Case of Emergency Binder– Are you AND your money prepared in case sh*t happens? I know I wasn’t because I fancy myself immortal. But sadly, I am not. I AM a messy person, and my financial information was ALL OVER THE PLACE until I got this binder in my life. Now all my insurance, beneficiary and health info is in one spot. There’s chapters for what to do with your pets, valuables, money, or children should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. And it’s less than $40!!!

Money and Mental Health Worksheet- The holidays (lol and every day) can be STRESSFUL. What are you doing for your mental health? This worksheet is literally $2 and is all about hooking up your mental health and your money to make sure they’re on the same page.

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing- A book??? About investing?? By a woman??? We love to see it! This takes you through everything you ever needed to know about investing in a frank and informative way that won’t bore you AT ALL.

Quit Like a Millionaire– Kristy Shen retired at 31! 31! SO if you’re interested in financial independence, this is a lady to listen to about it. What I like about her story is she didn’t buy real estate in 2009 at the bottom of the market or start a business at 23 that blew up- her story is much more “normal” than many of the FI stories we see frequently in media.

That’s our money tool gift guide for you! Feel free to leave a comment with any other money tools you love!

Please note: this page contains affiliate links (shout out!) Which means if you buy something here I may get a percentage, at no extra cost to you.

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