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A Financial Gift Guide To Keep Your Holidays and Future Bright

Your inbox is bursting with sales and coupons from companies, tempting you to spend your hard-earned cash. You’ve got Amazon up your butt, bombarding you with ‘deals of the season.’

But you’ve worked for this spending money all year long, and you want to give gifts that will mean enough to your friends and family that they actually use it, not tuck it in the back of the closet until they inevitably Marie Kondo it out of their lives.

The gift of financial education cannot be Marie Kondo-ed. Also, it cannot be regifted. It cannot gather dust atop a shelf in the guest bathroom.

Financial education can be used. It can be implemented. It can be handed down from generation to generation, a treasured family heirloom that in fact helps your family become richer over time.

But where can you find said financial education? Who can you trust to guide you through the red-light district of investing, budgeting, or debt payoff?

Financial Gift Guides You Can Trust and Love


Let’s kick off this financial gift guide with the cheapest, and dearest to my heart, item on this list: our very own Bravely Values Based Budget Workbook.

So, for $20 you get an 8-chapter, 22-page workbook with 2 spreadsheets to help you develop a budget you love. Which, after this spendy holiday season, you will probably need.


Are you a baby investor who craves more investing advice, guidance, and jokes? Are you looking for a red lipstick-wearing queen who is also an investing goddess?

Look no more! Invested Development is the very course you are looking for or are looking to gift. Also, hosted LIVE by the hilarious and impeccably dressed Amanda Holden, this course will take you from asset allocation to robo advisors to how to pick a financial advisor!

Click here to get the course.


Get yourself a bona-fide financial journal! The 100-Day Financial Goal Journal by my beautiful friend Alyssa is a tool to help you get CLEAR on your financial goals and map out a path to reach them.

So, Alyssa is a financial pro, a mom, a coffee fiend, and I would trust her with my finances any day of the week.

Know a big reader who is positively starved for financial guidance? Here are three books that you simply cannot go wrong with!

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together

Get Money: Live the Life You Want, Not Just The Life You Can Afford

The Feminist Financial Handbook: A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Wealthy Life


Are you shopping for the ice queens in your life who like their coffee hot, their finances feminist, and their money saved? Enter B*tches Get Riches, and their fabulous Etsy shop. From coffee cups to t-shirts, to tote bags, there is all sorts of excellent holiday swag to be found.


The Cash Calendar, designed by Tori of Her First 100k. Also, it is part daily money planner, part tracker, part diary. This 10-page document is a beautifully designed digital download that can help you get good with money.

Who says your holidays can’t include some financial goodness? Not me, certainly. I hope this financial gift guide helps guide your shopping, and lands you in a pile of cash.

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