7 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

I’m taking this year to educate myself about how to make my clothes last longer, how to identify high quality clothes and just how to treat my clothes better, in general.

IMO, clothing is one of the easier sustainable practices to implement into your life.

It’s much easier for me to thrift, mend and upcycle my clothes than it is to install solar or go completely plastic-free.

I’m attempting to make my clothes last longer for several reasons.

7 ways to make your clothes last longer

1. Clothes are on my “No Buy” List for this year.
2. Each year, more than 100 billion items of clothing are produced globally, according to some estimates, with 65% of these ending up in landfill within 12 months. That’s inexcusable.
3. I want to improve my mending and upcycling skills.

For more details and how exactly to make your clothes last longer, check out the video below.

Let me know how you make your clothes last longer in the comments!

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