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7 Sustainable Influencers to Follow This Year

Influencers have a reputation for being vain, self-absorbed, and selling you stuff you simply don’t need. But, not all influencers are that way! Some influencers, like sustainable influencers, use their platform for good.

It’s more than likes and shares for these creators. From advocating for ethical fashion and low-waste living to championing renewable energy and conservation efforts, sustainable influencers are leveraging their platforms for the greater good.

These influencers are starting conversations, raising awareness, and mobilizing communities.

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What’s a sustainable living influencer?

A sustainable influencer is an individual who uses their platform, typically on social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, to promote and advocate for sustainable lifestyle choices. These influencers inspire and educate their audiences.

Sustainable influencers commonly share topics like eco-friendly everyday habits, ethical sourcing, low-waste living, renewable energy, conservation efforts, and conscious consumerism.

These creators often make how-to, informational, and inspirational videos, blog posts, and photos. This content may include practical tips, personal experiences, and information to encourage their followers to make more earth-friendly decisions.

These folks may also collaborate with brands aligned with their values, participate in initiatives and politics, and engage in community-building activities to support their causes.

How can sustainable living influencers make a difference?

These influencers play an impactful role in raising awareness of environmental causes on an individual and global level. Many people now look to social media for news, trends, and lifestyle tips.

These folks can be a positive change in the everyday lives of everyday people. They can influence others to recycle, thrift, reduce their carbon footprint, and most importantly, advocate for lasting and impactful change worldwide.

7 Sustainable Influencers to Follow

Iye Loves Life

Iye Loves Life Profile Image

One of the most sustainable things you can do on an individual level is eat more plant-based meals. Iye shares cozy, vegan comfort food that would make carnivores drool! Follow her on Tiktok or X.

Sustainably Vegan

Sustainably Vegan Profile Image

Immy, also known as Sustainably Vegan on Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok also shares vegan recipes. But what I really love about her content is the way that she dives head-first into learning new skills and shares her “every day” sustainability with her audience.

Restyle Living

Restyle Living Profile Image

Shavonne is a home stager and organizer who recently got into sustainability and I find her approach really refreshing. She’s excited to share everything from her low-buy year to her composting adventures. Shavonne is on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Cero Waste Cindy

Cero waste Cindy profile image

A love and appreciation of the outdoors fosters my interest and love of all things sustainable. Cindy of Cero Waste Cindy shares her low-waste living lifestyle and her camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Hit that follow button on Cindy’s Instagram and blog.

Izzy Manuel

Izzy Manuel profile image

I’m not a “fashion girlie” but Izzy makes me want to be! And that’s what all good influencers should do. Izzy specializes in thrifted, ethical finds, and “dopamine dressing.” Her colorful style is happy, bright, and playful. She doesn’t shy away from worker’s rights and other ethical causes either. Izzy is on Instagram and Tiktok.

Clothes Horse Podcast

Clothes Horse Profile Image

The Clothes Horse Podcast by Amanda Lee McCarty is the most well-researched look into the clothing industry’s ethics that I have ever encountered. Amanda worked as a buyer in fast fashion and knows the field intimately. They are a must-listen and a must-follow for me. Listen to the Clothes Horse Podcast on Apple, Spotify and follow them on Instagram.

Sustainably Amber

Sustainably Amber Profile Image

Amber is such a fun person to follow for upcycles and creative reuse. I’m always getting ideas from her, such as how to use product packaging to create an outdoor pillow or how to use literal toilet paper rolls to create a jewelry box. Follow her on Instagram.

Be sure to share your favorite sustainable influencers in the comments so we can give them a follow!

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