5 Items for Self-Improvement That Are Completely Worth The Money

Sometimes, the best thing you can do with your money is spend it. I know- you were never expecting to hear that from me! But it’s true. I even wrote a post a while back about six things I’ve spent money on and loved.

Spending money can be just as crucial to your health and happiness as making and saving it. That’s because spending money on things we truly love, or that make our lives easier, or that level us up, are really just investments in this crazy thing we call life.

When I look back over the last four years of my life, they have been hugely focused on self-improvement. Four years ago I was working as a caterer and a MMA gym receptionist and making roughly $18,000 a year. I was deeply unhappy, still in student load debt, and feeling scared about the future.

Self-improvement was the name of the game for me. I needed to figure out a way to make more money, pay off my debt, and find a career path that I could stay on for years. (Catering was not that path.) I’ve been able to do all those things and more (hello, starting Bravely), and some of these accomplishments were a direct result of spending money.

I’m now in a much more comfortable place, but am also still trying to build a business and a career for myself. So self-improvement continues to be on the brain! With that in mind, here are 5 items for self-improvement that I find to be worth every single penny.

5 Items For Self-Improvement That Are Totally Worth it

Work out classes or equipment

Most Americans don’t move enough. I count myself in this group at times, since there are many days that I will take fewer than 1000 steps. Exercise is good for us no matter how you look at it: it improves mood, focus, and health. If you will actually get your butt to the gym, by all means, buy that membership. But know thyself here; if you won’t get down there, it’s better to invest in some home gym items. I personally own this yoga mat and these 10 and 15 lb weights that I use at home.

Tools to learn a new language

Duolingo, actual classes, or Rosetta Stone- it’s up to you. But learning a new language is never a bad idea. First of all, you now know another language, which is badass. It’s also a skill you can put on your resume, use to switch careers, and will come in helpful when traveling.

Space organizers

Magnetic spice rack for your kitchen? Shoe rack for your shoes? WORTH IT. If you are a naturally mess person (like me!), buying space organizers is always going to be worth it. Left to my own devices things end up in piles- on the floor, on the counter. Organizers help me confine them to one place. This shoe rack is super cute and affordable and making me regret the one I bought at Target for $10 more.

Tickets to networking events

The power of a good network cannot be overstated. Sometimes you might grimace at the price of a ticket, but it very well may be worth it. Networking events can get you face time with someone you otherwise would never meet. They’re a great way for you to make a real impression, not just an email. Obviously Bravely hosts events so I’m biased, but events have been a huge part of my success.

Proper eye wear

I’m talking updated glasses. I’m talking prescription sunglasses. I’m talking actually cleaning your contacts. Expensive, yes, but what is more important than your EYES?? This is a huge area that people slack in. Get that new pair of eye glasses boo. You deserve to see the world.


Ok we lied a little bit. Here’s a 6th item for self-improvement that is totally worth the price tag:

The Bravely Values Based Budgeting Workbook. We purposefully set the price at $20 so that money wouldn’t be a barrier for anyone who is trying to get their money life together. Taking a good hard look at how you are currently spending money, at where you want your money to go, and figuring out your spending values is what this workbook is all about. And who couldn’t use that? Even as a money pro, I find checking in with my money each month to be powerful and extremely helpful.

Self-improvement doesn’t only happen at $1,800 Tony Robbins-like conferences. You can improve yourself and your life today. Try something off this list or something on your own. And let me know; what are some self-improvement purchases you’ve bought that were totally worth it?

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