13 Barista FIRE Jobs: The Best Places to Work During Barista FIRE

Barista FIRE is a stop on the road to full financial independence. People who adhere to Barista FIRE saved enough money that will compound to their complete FI number over time, and as a result can shift from full time work to part time work.

The idea behind this stage of wealth accumulation is that you don’t have to save every penny you’ll need in retirement before you can create the type of work-life balance that makes you happy.

Proponents of Barista FIRE live below their means for the first part of their career to save and invest aggressively, and then maintain a part-time job and also draw passive investment income each month in order to cover their monthly expenses. (And if you’re looking for an eve more flexible source of income, try one of these side hustles.)

But what kind of jobs can help you life the Barista FIRE lifestyle? Most people look for jobs that offer benefits like healthcare and flexible hours. In the US, these jobs can be hard to find, so we’ve got a list below of the best 12 Barista FIRE jobs and job sectors for you to look through.

Tools to Reach Barista FIRE in The First Place

Before you can drop down to part time work, you need to make a budget, pay off debt, invest aggressively, and build a 12 month emergency fund.

Budgeting can be done manually, like in a notebook, or you can use a spreadsheet, or you can use an app. I use both a spreadsheet and an app because I like to have as many details about where my money goes as possible! I use the Empower app to track my investments and networth, as well as my daily spending. It’s free, and in conjuction with my weekly budget spreadsheet, I am in total control of my money.

I like to start paying off debt by starting with the highest interest debt, then the second highest interest debt, and so forth. It’s called the avalanche method, and it saves you the most money because you pay the least in interest over time. Here’s a debt payoff guide I wrote with detailed debt pay off tips!

Investing is the next big step. Start with retirement accounts like an IRA or 401k, especially if your company offers a match as part of your benefits. (If you have an old 401k at an old job, you can roll that over to an IRA for free!) Barista FIRE means investing aggressively, so get as much money into these accounts as you can, as early as you can.

Finally, you should have a 12 month emergency fund. This is higher than the normal 4-6 month advice around emergency funds and for good reason. If you’re looking for Barista FIRE jobs, you’ll likely be making less money. That means less cash flow to work with in case of emergencies. We want a very robust emergency fund to fall back on!

Part Time Jobs With Healthcare


Right on their benefits page Costco shares that they offer part time workers benefits. Plus, spuses, children, and domestic partners are also eligible for coverage, which makes Costco a very attractive option for Barista FIRE folks.

Part Time Non Profit

Non-profits across a variety of industries have part time jobs available. And many non profits offer benefits for their part time workers! From receptionist to in field research, working in no profits is a common dream among the Barista FIRE crowd. Pick a field of interest to you (working with animals, sustainability, feeding unhoused people) and scroll through part time job listings to find one that fits your needs.

School Bus Drivers

Most school systems in the US offer high hourly pay and benefits to school bus drivers. This is a part time and seasonal job that could be perfect for someone with kids. You generally don’t drive during the summer, which means you can be home with kids when they’re not in school. Check with your local school system for openings and the exact benefits offered.

School Cross Walk Guard

Surprisingly, school cross walk guards are also often part time positions that come with healthcare benefits! The income earned from this job tends to be lower than other hourly school positions because there are fewer total hours of work needed. But benefits are included and for someone with kids or who enjoys being outside, this is a great part time job.


REI offers jobs in their warehouses, stores, call center and even in the field experiences. And they offer a wide variety of benefits! I’m not 100% sure, but I think they also offer an employee discount on products too.

Part Time Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well


As a seven year veteran of the food service industry, I can tell you first hand that there is both good and bad money to be made as a bartender. High end restaurants and busy bars is where bartenders can make a lot of money. Bartenders in major cities and densely populated areas of the country (like the Northeast, or California) also tend to make more than people in more rural areas. Bartenders in destination locations (where people like to go on vacation) also tend to make a lot of money. Learn how to make great drinks, how to talk to people, and look good while doing it, and you can make $50,000-$80,000 a year as a bartender very regularly.


Consultant is one of those words than can mean a lot of things, but here I mean “take your former full time job experiences and become someone people will pay hourly to help them get better at that same job.” If you were a nurse for years, become a nurse consultant and help current nurses navigate workplace benefits and pay increases. If you were a landscaper, become a consultant to landscape companies about how to lower costs and increase profit.

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a person who helps parents navigate the first 6-8 weeks after the birth of a child. They can do everything from provide support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, newborn sleeping skills, and managing life with a newborn forfor new parents. Doulas require training but there is no federal doula certification you need to get. This can be quite lucrative for a person with strong skills.

Night time nanny/baby nurse

Similarly, someone willing to spend the night with a newborn as a night nurse or night nanny can make great money working part time. Newborns are notorious for not sleeping through the night, and parents will pay you to come and take care of the baby when they wake up. You’ll feed, change, and entertain the baby through the night. Things like a CPR certification and a record of childcare will help you get hired and charge higher rates.


To round out our childcare trifecta here, being a nanny can be a high paying part time job depending on what you’re willing to do. Live in nannies can generally charge more money than non live in. If you speak another language and are willing to teach the children, have a degree in childhood education or care, and are hands on, you can charge a good amount as a private nanny. Nannies are generally the higher end of the childcare spectrum and parents expect them to come with benefits for their kid that they won’t get at daycare, so make sure to sell your skills hard.

Part Time Jobs That Provide Housing

Since housing is usually everyone’s biggest expense, getting your housing for free will speed you along the path towards full financial independence. Usually these kinds of jobs are related to the vacation industry in locations that paying guests are visiting.

Cruiseship Staff

Cruiseship pay is pretty bad, but you get a room on the boat for free, and also often free or heavily discounted food. Usually you work across several different cruises within one cruise company.

Dude Ranch

If you’re not afraid of manual labor, dude ranches will give you free room and board in exchange for your hard work. This one is for people comfortable around animals and ok with work like mucking out stalls, feeding animals, and working on a farm. Usually there’s a bunkhouse that you share with other ranch workers and your meals are provided.

Ski Resorts

Working at a ski resort is a seasonal job (and one that is disappearing with climate change ending winters), and it’s commonly known as a low paying job that covers room and a ski pass. However, this tends to be a young person’s job, and usually you sleep in dorms or bunk houses.

Barista FIRE jobs can technically be any job you want once you reach your Barista FIRE number. The main points to look for in Barista FIRE jobs that is part time is one that will pay your day to day expenses, and if you need it, provide healthcare benefits.

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