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Spend Your Values

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Your money has power. REAL power.

Money runs the world, so where we choose to spend and invest matters a LOT.

You can use your dollars to build the world you want to see. Get our FREE guide to spending and investing according to your personal values and stop supporting things you hate.

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Extreme Money Saving Tips

You can move towards financial independence by saving SMARTER and BIGGER. Get the best tips to save on housing, transportation, and food!

values based spending
Values Based Spending Explained

My partner Tbone LOST $26,000 to this common investing mistake

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Save More Money and Create Less Waste

Sustainable living tips that save you big money

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FInancial Planning As a Childfree Person

If you're not having kids, how do you financially plan for your golden years?

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financial greenwashing

Financial Greenwashing: How to Avoid Being Tricked

You may have heard of greenwashing; the practice of companies saying they’re environmentally friendly to sell their product, but behind the scenes are actually making zero sustainable efforts.

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How Long Until $1 Million in Investments?

I want to be a millionaire. But how long is it going to take to reach $1 million in investments?

socially responsible index funds

Socially Responsible Index Funds: How to Invest More Ethically

A lot of people don’t think that they can invest ethically because it’s too expensive, too hard to do, or won’t produce as much profit as unethical investing.

But that’s simply NOT TRUE.


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We've got financial tools for every step of your journey. 

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Values Based Budget

Your budget should reflect your lifestyle and values. Get our best selling workbook and build a budget you love.

couples money workbook

First Comes Love, Then Comes Money

Stop arguing about money with your boo. Our workbook walks you through how to have a productive money date, how to determine if you should share bank accounts, and how to manage money- together. 

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How to Not Die Broke: Investing 101

Learn how to stock market works, how to pick a good investments, the power of compound interest, and details of retirement accounts in the US and Canada.

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FREE: Money Checklist

Get financially organized in 20 minutes. Use the checklist to organize your debt, savings, and investments. 

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FREE: Invest Your Values

Put your money where your heart is with our free guide to sustainable investing.


FREE: Invest For Financial Independence

Want to invest but don't know where to start? Our workbook takes you through establishing an emergency fund to opening the right investment accounts for your future.

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Investing isn't just for the billionaires. Women earn an average of .4% more in the market than men. You just need to start.

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