Hey, I’m Kara.

Founder of Bravely Go, English major, financial feminist, first generation American.

I started Bravely while working as a caterer and paying off my student loans. When I looked around the world of personal finance there was a lot of rich white dudes, and not a lot of anyone who looked, or lived, like me.

I need money advice that addressed my reality: working several part time jobs, paying for all my own bills without family help, and still trying to enjoy my 20’s.

Bravely is here to help you change your money, so your money can change the world. We talk individual actions like budgeting, investing, and debt payoff.

And big picture systemic stuff, like wealth inequality, gender discrimination, and racism, because those things also affect our money. Financial advice that isn’t intersectional just isn’t helpful, sorry not sorry.

Being the daughter of a Latino immigrant, who was raised by a single mom, and who paid off my student loan debt on a low income informs every aspect of my identity and life. We need money tools that are informed in the same way.

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