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I’m Kara

Financial feminist and educator

Northeasterner currently in Texas. Daughter of a Latino immigrant. Financial feminist.

Helping you change your money, so you can change the world.

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We should all easily understand our money systems- but we don't because they're kind of a hot mess.

I grew up low income, on food stamps, and graduated from college in debt. I made less than $20,000 a year for years after graduation. After working 5 part time jobs to pay off my student loans (the last $18k in 10 months!) , I thought: "Damn. Money shouldn't be this hard."

Today, Bravely aims to help women learn about money and take financial power. Because once your money is sorted, you can turn your attention to changing the world.

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Values Based Budget

Your budget should reflect your lifestyle and values. Get our best selling workbook and build a budget you love.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Money

Stop arguing about money with your boo. Our workbook walks you through how to have a productive money date, how to determine if you should share bank accounts, and how to manage money- together. 

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How to Not Die Broke: Investing 101

Learn how to stock market works, how to pick a good investments, the power of compound interest, and details of retirement accounts in the US and Canada.

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FREE: Money Checklist

Get financially organized in 20 minutes. Use the checklist to organize your debt, savings, and investments. 

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FREE: Small Business Planner

Starting a business is more than an Instagram account. Our planner walks you through setting financial goals, researching the market, and defining your product offer.


FREE: Invest For Financial Independence

Want to invest but don't know where to start? Our workbook takes you through establishing an emergency fund to opening the right investment accounts for your future.

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